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Tapered Estimating Services

Creating a bid for a commercial roofing project requires extensive knowledge about the various roofing systems available that can solve the client’s needs. Many commercial roofs are engineered to be flat, which can present some problems over time with drainage and leaks. When the roof supports are engineered and created to be flat, it requires adding some form of angle to the actual roof components to allow for slope and effective drainage.

This slope is often created by using tapered roof insulation, over which the standard single-ply or built-up roofing system is applied. The tapered insulation is higher toward the middle area of the roof and slopes down toward the edges. This can require precise measurements and calculations in order to source the right amount of tapered insulation, as some pieces are different to create the desired slope.

Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply offers tapered estimating services at all of our branch supply centers. In addition to sourcing only the finest top brand products and accessories for any type or size commercial roofing project, we offer distribution services throughout the United States and other professional services to our commercial partners to help ensure their continued growth and success.

Assistance with Estimating Tapered ISO-Designed Layouts for Commercial Roofs

An attractive and competitive bid for any commercial roofing project will include flexible options to solve the client’s needs. For flat commercial roofs, this includes options for tapered ISO-designed layouts that can improve drainage and lower the risks of leaks. As many commercial roofs are designed flat, this is an attractive option for clients that can propel your bid to the top and win more jobs for your roofing company.

At Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply, our team has the product knowledge, local code knowledge and professional skills to offer professional tapered estimating so your roofing company can offer your clients the flexibility of evaluating different tapered ISO-designed layouts for their roofing needs. Tapered options can save money over time and provide an easy solution to possible drainage and leak problems. We can include tapered estimates in our commercial roofing estimating for any of your potential projects.

Contact the Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply center near you and ask a team member about tapered estimating services, bid support and other professional services we provide for our commercial roofing clients.

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