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Residential Roofing Fasteners

All residential roofing systems require mechanical fasteners of some type to secure the components together and to the home structure. Decking, felt, shingles, shakes or metal panels all need to be fastened together for secure and long-lasting function and support. Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply is your premier source for residential roofing products, accessories and materials, including various types and grades of residential roofing fasteners.

We are your reliable residential roofing supply partner for top brand fasteners for every application. Metal to wood, long or short and more, we source all types of fasteners that will meet the demands of your project. Our teams at every branch supply center can also provide pull tests to help you determine the appropriate fastener that works best with any roofing system.

Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply is your source for quality fasteners from Metal Fastening Systems, Inc. in a wide variety of styles and types to meet every type and size project. Contact the branch supply center near you for product information and help with ordering.

Top Brand Residential Roofing Fasteners

As every roofing contractor knows, different residential roofing systems and home designs require specific types and grades of fasteners. There is no one-type-fits-all fastener solution. Our skilled team members at Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply can help you choose the right fasteners for your project demands, and source adequate quantities along with your other commercial roofing materials and products. Not sure the type of fastener you need? Give us a call – our team can help you determine the right fastener for the job including:

  • Metal to Wood
  • Wood to Metal
  • Long, Short
  • Pancake Head Clip Screws
  • Low-slope Roofing Fasteners and Plates
  • Cupped Hex, Washer Head, Self-Drilling Screws
  • More…

Choosing the right fasteners for every material and section of your residential roofing project contributes to overall superior construction results. And every residential roofing client can depend on our delivery promise – we will deliver what you order (including fasteners and other accessories) when and where you need them, so your project stays on-time and on budget. Our multi-state network of modern supply centers and time-tested order fulfillment system enables us to make and stand behind this unique guarantee.

Contact us at Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply today for all your residential roofing material needs, including various types of fasteners and other accessories.

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