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Residential Roof Drains

Roofs are more than the shingles or metal panels you see from the ground. They are a complete system that carries out specific functions that protect a home. One of the most important functions is drainage. A sloped roof is only a single aspect of how your residential roof helps shed rainwater and prevent leaks. Residential roof drains are an integral part of any roof; more complex roof styles and designs require special roof drains for added protection. Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply sources various types, styles and sizes of top-quality residential roof drains from OMG Roofing Products, JOSUM, Jay R. Smith MFG. CO. and ZURN.

Roof drains are connected to a home’s drainage system to help remove water from the roof and channel it away from the home structure. Water that stands on a roof will eventually penetrate the roofing material and cause extensive interior damage. Water that simply runs off the roof and onto the ground near a home can seep down to the foundation and cause incredible structural damage.

Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply sources all the roof drains and other components necessary to provide sufficient drainage for any type or design of home. We can provide everything your residential roofing project needs for single homes or large housing developments. Both large construction firms and local area home builders rely on us for superior sourcing at wholesale prices.

Home Roof Drain Systems

Home roof drain systems often include more than guttering alongside the roof’s edge and downspouts. Modern homes with chimneys, sections and other structures can have roof valleys where water can pool, especially when it snows. These areas may need additional drainage solutions like roof drains and interior channels to carry away water and melting snow and prevent damage to the roof and home’s interior.

Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply sources everything needed for home roof drain systems, and we can deliver it in the quantities you require. Our multi-state network of modern supply centers source products and materials from numerous vendors. And each of our branch centers are locally owned and operated so we can provide local area expertise as well as industry knowledge.

Large and small home builders have come to rely on Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply for hometown customer service, superior product knowledge and unlimited sourcing of only the finest roofing products in the industry. Contact the Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply branch near you, and ask about choosing home roof drains and other roofing accessories for your next residential roofing project.

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