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Roof Ice and Water Shields

Roofing systems include various components that serve different purposes. Roof ice and water shields do exactly as the name implies – they prevent ice and water from penetrating your roof covering and causing damage to your roof system and home. Residential roof ice and water shields are rubberized coatings that are usually adhered to the roof deck and/or fastened to other areas to prevent windblown rain and the formation of ice dams in extremely cold weather.

Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply sources a wide variety of ice and water shield products from top brands like MSA, Henry and GAF. We have products to match with every type of residential roofing system and covering, including steep angled and shallow angled roofs. Certain pitch roofs and homes in specific areas of the country that face severe winter weather may require ice and water shields to meet local building codes.

Your local branch of Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply can help you with product information and selection to pair the best choice of ice and water shields with your particular residential roofing project. Just ask a team member for assistance when you call or message us online. Our team members have a wealth of knowledge and are happy to help.

Superior Ice Dam and Wind Leak Protection

Wind can drive rain underneath the edges of a roof, cause pooling in valleys and infiltrate beneath the coverings on low pitch roofs. Ice dams can form around gutters and prevent melting snow from draining off a roof. This can also allow water to penetrate the roof and into the home, creating extensive damage.

Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply carries the finest quality ice and water shield products for every home roofing application. Even if it is not required by building codes, many homes across the United States are exposed to cold weather where this protection could be needed. It could be presented as an added bonus in new home construction, whether in a single home or a large housing development.

Contact the Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply center near you and or call to speak with a team member about ice and water shields for residential roof applications. We can help you select the best option for your specific project and source it at wholesale prices.

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