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Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Insulation

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a type of roofing insulation that is another form of closed-cell rigid insulation made from polystyrene resins that gets its name from the mode of manufacture. While XPS is extruded, or pushed, through a die to create a rigid board, EPS is manufactured as beads that are molded or cut into various sizes and shapes. These beads are heated until they expand and fuse together to form a closed cell structure. However, because the beads have voids between then, the structure is not as tightly closed as with XPS.

These fused beads are then placed into a mold where they are steamed again to form blocks, which can be formed or cut into various sizes to fit a wide variety of applications. Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply is your premier commercial roofing supply source for EPS roofing insulation from top brand INSULFOAM. We can supply EPS roofing insulation blocks in various sizes for every type of commercial roofing project and space.

Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply is a seven-state network of modern supply centers across the Middle and Southern United States, providing distribution services throughout the United States. Each supply center is locally owned and operated. This allows us to combine hometown customer service with vast industry expertise and a wide network of brand vendors to supply even the largest commercial projects with all their roofing materials.

EPS Closed Cell Rigid Insulation for Commercial Roofing

EPS closed cell rigid insulation is frequently used in commercial roofing. Its benefits are many, and include:

  • Affordability
  • Easy Installation
  • Versatility
  • Excellent R-Values
  • Chemically Inert
  • Energy Efficient

Local commercial builders and large construction firms depend on Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply for top brand products, materials, accessories, fasteners and industry knowledge. Our team can assist with product selection and ordering, estimating, architectural drawings and other support and project submittals. We are the premier source for roofing materials and expertise to make all your commercial roofing projects a success.

Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply also stands by our unique delivery promise – we will deliver exactly what you ordered when and where you need it to keep your project on-time and on budget. Our vast network of supply partners and time-testing order fulfillment system supports the most reliable sourcing of roofing supplies in the industry.

Contact the Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply center near you in the Middle or Southern United States and ask a team member for assistance with product selection or ordering. We carry everything you need for any size commercial roofing project, including EPS roof insulation.

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