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Commercial Roof Drains

Drainage is a critical component in any commercial building, and it all begins from the primary area that catches rainwater – the roof. Planned drainage is a vital part of any building, but commercial roofs frequently need more than simple guttering and downspouts. Large and complex commercial roofing systems may require multiple commercial roof drains to channel large amounts of water off the roof and away from the building. Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply sources only the finest top brand commercial roof drains for any project.

Commercial roofing accessories like roof drains are vital to the overall roofing system. Many commercial roofs are flat or only slightly graded, and these need extensive drainage options to carry away water and prevent leakage or collapse. Your local Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply center carries a number of different styles and sizes of commercial roof drains for many different applications. We carry roof drains from top brands, including:

  • OMG Roofing Products
  • ZURN
  • Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co.

Building Roof Drain Systems

Commercial roofing drain systems are designed with the area of the building’s roof in mind, in order to ensure adequate drainage from several points. The amount of water that can be carried away is crucial to calculate, to prevent water from standing on the roof or overflowing the sides of the building and penetrating the foundation.

Commercial roof drains are made in several common sizes to accommodate various amounts of water. These drains are installed during the roofing process and connected to internal and external drain systems that carry rainwater down and away while keeping it contained from entering the building. Sufficient drainage for a commercial roof is a top engineering priority and is included in architectural drawings and other roof calculations.

Mid-Atlantic Roof Supply also offers professional architectural support for our commercial roofing clients, including calculations for proper drainage and roof drains. Contact us online or call to ask a team member at the Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply center near you for more information or assistance with commercial roof drains and drainage help. And remember, our delivery promise includes roofing accessories like commercial roof drains as well as other roofing products and supplies.

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