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Cedar Shake Roof Shingles

Cedar shingles are uniformly sawn cedar wood shingles that have a consistent appearance and thickness. They look even and uniformed and can sometimes be hard to distinguish from standard asphalt shingles in appearance. In contrast, a cedar shake is a hand-split, rustic looking shingle that is roughly sized and shaped. Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply sources only the finest cedar shakes and shingles from CAPITAL Forest Products at our supply centers across the United States.

Cedar shingles and shakes are popular on residential homes to lend a more outdoorsy, rustic appearance while providing efficient protection from the elements. Shakes and shingles can be installed on roofs or as siding on walls, and come in treated or non-treated types, with handsplit, tapersawn, tapersplit or straight-split cuts. They also come in numerous sizes and thicknesses for better design and aesthetics.

Wholesale Cedar Shake Siding Shingles

Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply sources a wide selection of cedar shake shingles and siding for all kinds of residential applications. Many home designs can accommodate cedar shake siding and shingles in various forms, and more local area home builders and contractors are gaining proficiency at installing them. Some of the types of cedar shakes and shingles we can provide at wholesale pricing include:

  • Fire Treated Shakes or Shingles
  • CCA Treated Shakes or Shingles
  • Untreated Shakes or Shingles
  • Pre-finished Shakes or Shingles
  • Unpainted Shakes or Shingles
  • Fancy Cut Shingles

Cedar shakes and shingles can also be prepped and painted or stained when untreated or unpainted styles are used. Ask a team member at your local Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply center about selecting the best option for your next residential roofing project and more information about painting, installation and more.

We can also help with ordering, financing and other aspects to help your residential roof project be a success. Our delivery promise removes the stress from roofing projects, as we pledge to deliver what you order when and where it is needed to keep your project on-time and on budget. Each locally owned and operated Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply center is committed to being your reliable roofing supply partner for materials, accessories, knowledge and more.

Contact us when planning your next residential roofing project and ask about cedar shakes and shingles, accessories, ordering, delivery, financing and more.

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