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Metal Roofing: Styles, Colors and Features

Metal roofing has many benefits, including its durability, longevity and energy efficiency. Metal is a preferred roofing material for the environmentally conscious because many products contain recycled content and are also recyclable when it’s time to replace it. Metal roofing also offers homeowners the most choices regarding styling and finishes. This can be especially important if you want to create a unique look and feel or want something different.

Metal Roofing Styles
Metal roofing comes in many styles. The most common types are standing seam, R-panel or corrugated, but you can also get metal tiles, shingle, slate and shake metal roofing to mimic the look of other types. These styles, however, are unique when chosen in metal and give a very distinct look, especially when selecting any colors and finishes that are also exclusive to metal roofing. Just compare the look of metal shingles to asphalt or composite shingles, and you can see the drastic difference in appearance.

Colors and Finishes
Your color choices are nearly limitless with metal roofing because there are so many types of finishes available. If you decide a color will look best, there are solid ones and weathered or artistic styles as well. Bold colors may be just as beautiful as more traditional ones. Copper, aluminum and other metals may look just as gorgeous when left bare, only covered in a protective layer to keep them from tarnishing when exposed to the weather. The hardest part of replacing your roof may be deciding color.

Functional Features
Some features, like snow guards, are essential. This is mainly determined by where you live and the weather you can expect. Other accessories like ridges, guards and gutters may also be necessary or a good option depending on your needs. When discussing your overall vision for your home with a roofing specialist, be sure to ask what features they recommend for your new metal roof.

We can source the finest metal roofing styles, as well as various types of roofing supplies and accessories, at wholesale prices, to keep your client contractors coming to your local builder’s supply store. We are your reliable supply distributor, contact the Mid Atlantic Roofing Supply branch nearest you today.

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